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    Now it's only happened a couple times, but the phone will just completely turn off...and not only that, but when I turn the phone back on, all my UberKernel settings have been reset back to default. Is UberKernel causing this? Here are the settings I have been using (I currently dropped my overclock down to 800Mhz):

    CPU Frequency: Screenstate (500/1000)
    Compressed Swap: Enabled with 24Mb Swap
    I/O Scheduler: CFQ
    TCP Congestion: Cubic

    Also, I have a few patches from Preware, and the only one that really affects my hardware is the patch that keeps the keyboard light at 85%. All my other patches can be provided if needed.

    Can someone help me out with what the problem can be?

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    There was recently this same topic covered. I believe the it was a loose battery causing the random shutdowns.
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    +1 to what Jon no h said. Either take it to a Sprint store for them to take care of it or follow some of the instructions in the forums for making the battery fit more tightly in the slot.

    Your Govnah settings are going back to default/stock because the phone was shut down improperly. If you do a soft reset (as opposed to the hard reset like a battery pull) your settings will persist through the restart. It is to protect you from having your phone stuck in an endless restart cycle in the event of a kernel problem.
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    I took a thick business card and cut one piece that was just less than the width between the battery stubs near the top pull tab and placed it inside so that the battery made better contact with the pins. I was also told by Palm to take alcohol and clean the contacts on the battery with a cotton swab. They said not to clean the contacts on the phone.

    Here is a link of what I mean, however, I made it about the entire width of the battery.
    Poll: Does your Palm Pre randomly power off/have a loose battery?

    This solved it for me. Well it's been seven days with no recurrence. Oh, I'm also running Govnah at 1G!

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    I've had this happen a few times now over the past couple months and had no idea why. I must've missed the previous threads on it. I never even thought to look in to it. Guess I'll tinker some as well now.
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    Awesome, I tried the paper solution and it seems to be working right now, hopefully I can no more resets. The battery is pretty tight now, I made sure to get a piece that was a bit thick just to make sure. Glad there's nothing wrong with the phone itself in terms of hardware, that's what I was worried about.

    Thanks for the help, will post soon if issue persists.

    Thanks again

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