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    Hey guys....

    just curious out there....

    I have a Palm Pre...its my secondary phone but i wanna sync it with all my contacts in my computer.

    As well as music and photos.

    Whats the best way to go to sync it, and is there a free application that
    works good enough.

    Thanks PEOPLE!

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    check out the product called "the missing sync"

    it costs money, but it should do exactly what you are looking for.
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    Cheaper way if you use a patch to email your contacts....Email yourself ...put it on your desktop and open it up with your address book on your mac wont sync but will have a back up though
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    that doesn't sync... Just makes a copy. And the OP was looking for syncing media and files other than just contacts.
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    I use gmail and synch my ical, email and contacts to that then synch gmail with my pre. Sounds like a pain but it is really simple and once it is set up it effortless. It has worked really well and I have had my Pre since launch. If i change or add anything to my phone it synchs to my Mac and vice versa. itunes is another story. For now I just drag and drop to my pre in usb mode. I do wish there was a better option (maybe there is, I haven't seriously pursued it). My pictures synch from my phone to iphoto automatically when I connect in usb mode. So far I have seen no need to pay for an app. But then again I am not too picky.
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    Sailing media has a free version of their sync app for music. For contacts, I use Google Contacts. This is nice because it has a good contact merge feature along with a good duplicates finder.

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