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    It Used To Boot/Install On My Sprint Palm Pre , But Ever Since I Got A New Palm Pre , It Will Just Stay On The Palm LOGO. No Bright Nothing Just The Palm Logo.

    I've Installed It Via Look Below
    WebOS Quick Install
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    That means your current Pre can't handle that kernel. Unfortunately your going to need to try another kernel.
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    theres no need to modify the way the text looks.

    Be sure to read up on that particular thread. It sounds like you have a weak pre.
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    Mine doesn't handle it either. It will boot, run for a while, then crash, and enter an endless loop upon reboot. After I pull the battery for a bit, it will boot, but the same thing will inevitably happen. Honestly though, 1 Ghz makes the thing plenty fast. It's incredible that they can push this little thing at 2x the rated speed, but not all will handle it.
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    Use the UberKernel at 1GHz instead. You have a weakling Pre.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Use the UberKernel at 1GHz instead. You have a weakling Pre.

    -- Rod
    Yep. I've been using the F105 without problems.

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