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    More often than not I am experiencing a ringtone lag. Some examples:
    When receiving a text message:
    The ring will stutter.
    The screen will light up, and display the text, and then a second or 2 or 5 later the ring will happen.

    When receiving a call:
    The phone will light up and recognise that the call is coming in, but wont start ringing until the last second, and then its to late to answer the call.
    The phone wont light up at all, and only start ringing near the last ring, and I miss the call.

    The problem is much more prevalent with text messages.
    I have the default ring for the text message, and I have a song from my music files that plays for a phone call.

    My pre is ove rclocked with UberKernal, and it set to Screenstate 500/1000

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    No one else has experienced this?
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    I have experienced this, but I don't believe there is a fix for it. I feel as though the audio subsystem in the Pre is a cause of much lag. Look at the phone app itself, with sound on, I believe that is what causes the delay ... (much like emulators run better with sound not on)

    Perhaps the Pre 2 will have more reliable sound (AND THE ALARM APP WON'T MISS A DAMN DAY!!!!!!!!)
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    I've experienced it a number of times and it is really quite annoying. I've wondered whether its related to the old TMC error and the RAM not being cleared properly as I get the same lag if I receive a phone call while I have a number of apps running. But that's just speculation on my part.

    If it is anything to do with that then I wonder (idle speculation ahead) if having the phone app always launched would make any difference?
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    Eternal85 says

    Perhaps the Pre 2 will have more reliable sound (AND THE ALARM APP WON'T MISS A DAMN DAY!!!!!!!!)
    I agree with you there! Alarm was going all wonky on me last week...

    But in regards to the lag, I've had this happen to me on occasion as well. It doesn't happen with enough frequency to bother me though. I too am using UK screenstate 500/1000 and it still happens.

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