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    A couple of weeks ago I sent my girlfriend's Pre off to be fixed. They received it a day after I sent it out and sent me an email confirming it had been dispatched a few days later.

    I found a card on the floor from Citilink (for the non-UK crowd, I don't know if you have Citilink - it's a parcel delivery service) saying they would deliver again the next day. They didn't...

    I phoned up the number on the back of the card and reorganised the delivery through the phone robot for Monday. It didn't arrive...

    I phoned up today to find out they have NO idea where my package is - the customer service were quick and helpful though, and they said they'll get back to me later today once the monkeys in the warehouse have had a proper look.

    Anyone else had a similar experience with Citilink when getting their Pre fixed? Any advice on how to hurry them up or what to do if they've lost it altogether?

    The worse thing of all is my girlfriend is stuck using my old HTC Touch Diamond (XDA Ignito with O2) with Windows Mobile 6.5... Almost worse than having no phone at all.

    Right, rant over.
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    Any returns i've dealt with used dpd.
    Never had an issue with them,citilink are a bit slapdash cowboyesque.
    Hope it gets sorted out for you.

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