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    Ok, so my first Pre had real bad oreo affect. That was about a year ago. Since then my current Pre has been a rock. Until the notorious USB crack.

    So, I ordered an new screen housing with LCD and digitizer. Making sure I would be able to tear down the Pre, to replace the screen when it arrived. I took it apart and put it back together. No problem!

    After I noticed that I had slight oreo affect. Knowing that I didn't have the problem before, I knew it was something I did. I began to search forms for fixes to the oreo affect. All I could find was tape, hot glue, and super glue fixes. Knowing there has to be a fix, I was thinking of tearing it down again. Before doing so, I thought "well I'm getting a new screen in days anyway, let me try something". Now I can't say this will work for everyone, but it work perfect for me and it probably is what causes the problem. Here is what I did.....

    I opened up the slider. With my thumbs on the edge of the screen and my index fingers on the medal mirror. I firmly squeezed the screen and mirror together. I heard a snap. I then noticed that the mirror was sitting further into the housing. I closed the slider and it was perfect. Not one bit of oreo, not a slite gap!

    My conclusion is this. I know that I did not seat the mirror into the housing correctly. Causing the slider not to sit correctly when closed. Causing the oreo. This may happen to Pre's with time or a drop, etc.. Or maybe your phone was torn down by someone like me, before you owned it. And they never put it back together correctly.

    Good Luck! I hope this helps someone!
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