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    How can you transfer the photos and videos to the pre from the centro by blue tooth? Has anyone tried this? For some reason it won't send. Do both phones need to be activated to send? I was told by a buddy that it doesn't but he had a different phones and carrier. Any help would be great.
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    Pre doesn't like bluetooth, infrared, nor usb tranfers. To get anything to it, you must first put it in the "cloud", then download it, or use a third-party solution, that is often buggy.
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    I had to get pics off a 755p so I did a hotsync with the 755p then plugged the Pre into the computer in usb mode and dragged and dropped them to the Pre.
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    why not just use a card reader for the micro sd card from the centro, connect your pre in usb mode to your computer and drop the photo/video files from the Sd card directly onto the pre? Create a folder on your pre if you want to be more organized. I believe most of the photo's and video's on the centro are on the sd card anyways.

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