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    Sorry if this has been posted already.

    I have a Pre +. It was working fine this morning. I went to make a phone call around 9 and the touchscreen was not working at all. I have already done SEVERAL battery pulls and doctored it. The touch screen still aint working. I can even set the phone up (logging in Palm account) becuz the screen does not work. I have already called Verizon and they are sending me another pre +.

    Can I do anything to fix it until my new one comes in?
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    I don't think so, unfortunately. Once it starts getting unresponsive, you're on borrowed time. Using the keyboard for universal search and the number pad is about all you can do at this point.
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    If doctoring doesn't fix it, then chances are nothing else probably will. Be calm until you receive your replacement.

    The best part of this is that you have insurance.

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    thanks. It is just boring as you know what with out it.
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    Believe me I know... Been there > that's why I got me two additional palm pres.

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    I got a little more life out of mine by holding the keyboard and bending the screen hard up towards me. Only got it working a few more times... Hit opt sym & u to put it in usb mode and copy all your stuff

    edit : make sure you've tried every kind of reset and battery pull b4 you resort to physically f'ing with it like I did. My screen would go out from time to time for a while b4 it totally died and I got it back with resets. Try holding the power button and flicking the mute 3 times then hit opt+sym+r
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    Same thing happened to me on Friday, I loved the pre but went with the HTC EVO 4G. LOTS of great things about this phone...not as user friendly though. But it has predictive text which I missed on the Pre. Evo has zoom in camera mode and video can be recorded in about 4 different resolutions. Dang thing is huge though. Also doesn't have the option to upload vids to Facebook, yes to YouTube though. Plus, if u damage the touchglass its easily replaced.
    I hope HPalm comes out with an awesome superphone that has these great features with the webos ease of use. Id be all over that!

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