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    Hello all!

    I've bee curious for some time now of how other user's (that's you!) temperatures on their Pres. Because, as of now, I'm a bit confused. My Pre can often get up to 37C. -but at the same time, as low as 25C. When I'm at home, wifi on, good signal and the Pre is on the table in front of me: the device sits at 25C (37C on touchstone). However, at school, wifi off, poor/no signal, Pre in my pocket: when I periodically check it, it's at the 29-34C. Also, I'm always overclocked too a 500/800 Screenstate.

    Is this normal? Because, I've recently just started using the touchstone; and for some reason, I think the increase in temperature relates to that.

    So here's the survey part, I'd just like to know the following information (I'll use mine as an example).

    Temperature Range: (the lowest and highest you see it in a day) 25C (low) - 37C (high)
    Common Temperature: (the temperature your device is most commonly at) 29C
    Apps: (commonly used in a day) Music Player (Remix), AccuWeather, Govnah (500/800 ScreenState)
    Settings: (major setting toggles you may have) GPS off, bluetooth off, screen brightness 0%, Emails only get received when manually open.

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    Thats GREAT..My Pre goes as high as 53 sometimes when im using zumodrive to stream music. But im running F105 Thunderbird though.

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