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    i want to know my network carrier name ppl please help me.....
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    it should tell you in the upper left corner of the screen when there is no launcher page open and no maximized card
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    Who do you send money to every month?
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    but my palm is also network locked so i cant access the that screen
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    i want to know the carrier so i can unlock it......
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    sounds like you don't have a carrier yet because it hasn't been unlocked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sajjad30 View Post
    i want to know my network carrier name ppl please help me.....
    What does it say on the mirror on the back.

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    which mirror rush?
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    The one on the back of the phone.. It is a palm pre ~ right?
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    yes it is palm pre...
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    What are you trying to do with the phone? Have it connected to a certain phone company?
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    i am trying to unlock but every one ask me to provide network carrier whom it is locked or with contracted in technical language..
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    Ok, I it a palm pre or plus? Does it have the round silver button or not?
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    yes it connected with certain phone company and i want to know that company
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    yes it has round silver button....its palm pre
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    The self-portrait mirror on the back usually has the carriers logo, for instance, mine has the Sprint logo on it.

    How did you obtain the phone? If you purchased it from a carrier, then that would be who it is locked to. If you bought it used from someone, it would be locked to whatever carrier they had it on.
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    Then call sprint and tell them you would like to set up a phone contract with them, and let them know you already have a palm pre available.
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    If the device as been stolen, or there is a unpaid balance on the account.. they(Sprint) won't be able to activate the device.

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    i bought it from can i know the carrier?
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    i am not in USA...i want to use it in Pakistan
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