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    Hey all,

    Still rockin' my launch day Pre minus and I've noticed that lately my phone has been having some serious trouble with the data connection. More specifically when it's being actively used. Seems like whenever the EV (or 1x icon more often than not lately) is active, my Pre gets extremely sluggish, sometimes completely unresponsive. Once whatever data is being loaded is done, it goes back to normal. This also seems to happen when my Pre is switching networks or having trouble maintaining a signal.

    My girlfriend also has a launch-day minus and I don't really notice the issue much on hers. Occasionally it'll hitch a bit while scrolling, but nowhere near the degree that mine does.

    The difference between the two Pre's is that mine is heavily patched and overclocked with Uber (500->800 screenstate with 16mb compcache). Her phone is pretty much stock with the exception of a few convenience patches that she likes.

    I'm thinking about maybe taking a trip to the doctor.. it's been a while since I've done it. Do you guys think that might help me or does it sound more like hardware issue developing?
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    Definitely not an hardware issue. Network connection problem > maybe. Have you ever update your network settings in preference via your phone app. Also, you can refresh your evdo settings > ##evdo# and press "SAVE"on that screen. Note that your phone works a lot better with a strong network connection.

    As for the sluggish, unresponsiveness of your phone.. Yes, a webos doctor would fix that issue. Patches has no affect on the phone performance. I'm patch free on my other palm pre, and it feels sluggish, and unresponsive at times. Download the doctor version for your phone carrier here:Webos Doctor Versions.

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    Thanks for the response!

    Just as a goof, I went in to Govnah and created a new profile for 500->600mhz screenstate with a 16mb cache and applied it. I dinked around with some websites and syncing my email and the performance while the data connection was in use was markedly better at the lower clock speed. I know it makes little sense, but at 600mhz my Pre minus was essentially flying in comparison to the same conditions where at 800mhz it was crippled.

    I had seen a while back where someone (probably was Rod W) posted that the higher clock speeds could interfere with the radios.. I wonder if that's what's happening to me?

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