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  • Stick with Pixi for a while (and wait and see if the Pre 2 comes to Sprint)

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  • Get the Pre (no plus)

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  • Get an Android phone worth $150~

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  • Save up $50 and get the EVO 4G

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    Well, I'm with sprint, and I just wanna know if I really should.
    I'm guessing since the original Pre has a button instead of a gesture area, I'm going to be missing out on all the advantages of the gesture?
    The original Pre, if I have it right, has a 600 MHz processor, and can be overclocked to 500-1000MHz?
    I'm kinda sick of the Pixi speeds..
    I'm also guessing that since the Pre and the Pixi both use the same battery, and the Pre has a hefty processor, it's going to burn through the battery faster? (The fact that the Pixi zips through the battery isn't amusing me..)
    Should I just get a Droid?
    I'm giving myself a week~ to make my mind,

    Please refrain from saying "GO TO VIRIZON" and whatnot, I'm 16 and unemployed, and have $150 to use on a new phone from sprint.. (I can just get a droid, or save $50 and get the EVO 4G.. But I LOVE webOS...)

    P.S. Should I wait and see if the Pre 2 is going to be on Sprint? It seems the chances are slim, because Sprint has yet to provide us with the Plus models of the Pre/Pixi...

    Thanks bros!
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    The pre does have gestures. The button makes no difference. Just another way to get to card view and such. It works like a swipe up from the gesture area. It can also bring a card back to full screen.

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    Sweet! So I won't miss out on too much! But I'm still quite skeptical.. Read a few reviews and I'm hearing things about an "Oreo Effect" where the slider feels as if it's an oreo cookie and can shift left and right and whatnot, is this very common?
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    I can't really answer your other questions. I do know the pre can be OCed to 1ghz. Also. I am jumping ship to android. I am REALLY going to miss webOS. I wish I knew when sprint was getting a new palm phone but I just can't take it any longer. I am getting the epic next week when I'm eligible for upgrade. Hopefully by the time I'm due for another upgrade palm will have some awesome hardware out. Only you can decide what is best. I would research droid phones and howthey work before you decide to switch. I did my research and am ready for a little bit of a change.

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    The oreo effect is VERY common. It is just that some phones have it worse than others. I think this has to do with how well you treat your phone though. I hear that some cases will fix the oreo effect and make your pre feel sturdier. I have never had a case on my pre and it has very minimal oreo effect.

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    Haha, big thanks man, I'm just going to keep my $150 savings in my account, I hear Android is coming out with some BIG advancements and whatnot, I'll get the EVO 4g when it's outdated a year or so. For now, I'll just buy a spare Pixi battery.
    Great help bro!
    Topic closed
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    The Pre is still a nice device.

    I DID jump ship to an Evo, but am probably going to take it back. I I miss webOS too much and find myself using my Pre while the (much prettier, bigger and faster) Evo sits on my nightstand.

    Android is definitely better than webOS in some things, but overall webOS is still easier and smoother to use.

    If I were you, i'd look for a cheap pre on Ebay. Save your upgrade on something more worthy. (if the Pre 2 comes to Sprint maybe...)

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    I'm a girl. But you're welcome. Haha. Glad I could help.

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    . I would suggest getting getting the pre ~ awesome phone. We aren't sure if sprint getting the famous pre2. However, we are sure about 2.0 though.


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