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    I've been using Palm products for several years. I had a Palm T|X for some time and excitedly awaited the Treo 755p on Verizon. I loved it. It was built like a tank and had a form factor that I loved, with a great keyboard. Apps galore, with HanDBase, Agendus, DayNotez, and Bonsai being my constant companions.

    Along came webOS, with much fanfare at CES 2009. I waited another year as I watched my Sprint brethren discuss what they liked and disliked about the device. I spent months trying to decide: Pre? or Pixi? On VZW launch day, I went with the Pixi because it was most like my Treo (form factor), lamented the lack of horsepower but stuck with it. The backlit keyboard funked out, so I replaced it ... only for it to have a blown earpiece speaker a couple months later. So, now I'm on the Pre.

    I've used Classic since Day One with webOS, for the apps listed above. A very clunky solution for Palm loyals, especially with a device that lacks a 5-way button. But again, trying to hang in and hoping that DDH Software, Iambic, and others will see the potential of this OS and develop for the new Palm devices. Waiting .... hoping.

    Right now, I'm done with Palm. However, I honestly can't say that I'm running into the arms of another device manufacturer. There is simply no device that can compare to the old Treo. I really wish I had the form factor of a Treo with webOS and all the apps that made Palm what it is today.

    It appears that smartphones are indeed being made for phone reviewers, not consumers. Show me a device that has RELIABLE GPS (thanks VZW for making me a Big Red Hater), productivity apps, good Bluetooth support, and I'll buy it retail in a heartbeat. It looks like I'll be carrying two devices for the foreseeable future, as I dust off the Treo to use for my Garnet apps.

    I want a Pre-O, I guess.
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    I still have a 755p and a centro. I use them when my pre craps out. I know what you mean.

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