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    I think people dont understand... So I made a picture!

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    Yes I have it to so don't worry lol I had it on all my pres I think.

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    I don't have that issue.... Honestly, if you are new to the Pre, and it bugs you that much, I would return it and get another. If you are within the return policy. Don't settle for something that isn't perfection for you.
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    Has never happened to me and i've had 7 Pre's.
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    This is what I mean.
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    yep...just learned to deal w/ it
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    I don't have that and I've had my pre for 11 months.

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    yep, it will have a bit of play over time. Remember how the flip phones would loosen up over time.
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    I have had my pre for a week.
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    Eh, if it's annoying I'd trade it in. I've had my pre since launch day on sprint, and while it's not perfectly matched, it isn't as drastic as your image. I do have a good amount of oreoing though...

    That said, if you don't mind it, I doubt it will effect the phone's function at all.

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