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    My beloved pre of 9 months took a swim into a glass of ice water at a concert a couple days ago (got a little too excited about BUSH's glycerine performance) . I have insurance and a replacement is coming but I'm trying to salvage the pictures and video saved on the phone. The phone boots fine and the keyboard works with no problems since I'm able to launch apps through the keyboard, but the touchscreen does not recognize touches AT ALL.

    My question is! When I hook up my usb cord to the pre, the screen prompts the option of USB mode or Just Charge mode. Since I can't use the touchscreen to select USB mode, does anyone know of a way to get into USB mode purely with the keyboard, or any way to select options on-screen with the keyboard?


    Also I forgot, it's a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon if that makes a difference.
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    Try alt+sym+U will do the trick (alt is the gray key)
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    That did the trick! Gracias fellow Houstonian!

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