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    Has anyone else received txt msgs like this before? 95% of my received txt msgs from a friend, who has a Droid 2, look like this (Pls see my attached image--these weird rectangles) ...just curious cuz I can't seem to locate anything on the if you can
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    It makes me wonder if he is using an app or something for his messaging that changes the font or something and the Pre can't recognize it. I'd try asking, if it's only with texts from him.
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    That's what I thought too, but no he is not using an app for his txts...same thing happened when he had the 1st Droid....I am actually wondering if it has anything to do with how many txts I have from him...tried to delete all my txts from this user, which it did... until I txtd user back @ a later time, then I realized all deleted msgs just came back...thought anyone? These symbols are driving me bananas!!
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    looks like it may be a diff language?.. webos doesnt support all languages..

    but on the last post... i would try uninstalling any patches that use the messaging app and any files that modify language fonts.. reboot

    and try delting messages .. reboot, and send a new message and see what happens

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