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    I'm pretty new to the forum (but i have followed the site for some time), so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. To keep the flame to and minimum I would just like to say that I HAVE search in the forums and have NOT found anything that would answer my question. But maybe i'm just blind/stupid

    I tried to install the "Palm mobile hotspot" with the IPK Fetcher today and I was surprise it worked. All the threads I've read about tethering and using the mobile hotspot applications have included a lot more steps then just installing the normal IPK. So my questions are now, is it suppose to work? Is it illegal to download/install it this way? Is it just the US models that has the restrictions that you can't install the hotspot app with the normal IPK?

    My Pre is bought from Expansys, it is the QWERTZ (german, O2) model, and I am using it in Finland, with DNA as my operator. I have some patches installed, but none of those that were mentioned in the threads about tethering.


    // WizT
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    I don't know if tethering is allowed on DNA but O2 Germany is allowing it. We (on O2-DE) can download the MHS official from the appstore. Nothing else to install and it works.
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    Thank you for your reply!

    DNA does allow tethering, at least there has never been any problems with my previous Nokia phones (with joiku spot). The main thing was just that I started to wonder how it could work for me but not for most of the users here, but it seems like it's mainly a problem for the US users.

    // WizT

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