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    I'm a newbie with the Homebrew and Precentral apps - so far I love them.

    BUT, I cannot download any themes whatsoever!
    I go to my WebOS Quick Install place to download the things I want, and I can never get the themes. Clicking on "Themer" leaves me with nothing, and when I try downloading it from the site it gets saved on my desktop, leaving me no way to save it into the Quick Install (if that's even what I'm supposed to be doing???)

    My Java is fine, and all the patches and apps work great from the Quick Install, but the "Themer" gives me nothing, and looks nothing like the page from the Help part of this website.

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    when you download to your desktop make sure you download the ipk so you open your w.os quick install and press the + signal look for the ipk themer and install it!!!
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    do you have preware installed?
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    In Preware – manage feeds make sure your feeds “prethemer” and “precentral-themes” turned on. After an update, -you should see themes in the package list. Now you can select a theme and install it.
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    Thanks, this helped me too...
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    Thank you all so much, I can do it now!!

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    remember to uninstall a theme before installing another... you don't want to install one over the top of another.

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