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    As soon as a new super device is available. My Pre is out of warranty and the touch screen is dying slowly, it starter in july when about the 10% of the touchscreen stopped working. Now about the 85% doesn't work. I'm waiting for the CES 2011 to see what Palm announces, but if my touchscreen dies before, I'd get a Pre 2.
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    im buying the epic 4g tomorrow. i found out i can get it and they can bill the upgrade price to next months bill. they are also knocking $100 off the price for me. i can't pass it up. ill keep it until a new webos device is announced, if it happens at all?

    look for my newer pre to be for sale sometime tomorrow on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    fixxxer, let me know how you like the epic! I get mine in two weeks!!
    will do, im debating between the epic & the evo. the problem with the epic is no apps2sd nor alot of roms atm. but ive made android roms before so i may give it a go. i just cannot pass up that beautiful screen and hummingbird cpu.
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    on a second glance there is no way in heck im paying $350 for an epic even with the upgrade discount. i may have to hold on to the pre for awhile longer... sad really.
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    same here waiting for ces, hopefully a superphone
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