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    I have a crack at the usb port - a crack on the lower right hand corner - the little plastic cover for the usb port fell off about two days ago - my slider is wiggley. The question is not really how long will I stay with my launch pre, it is how much longer will my pre stay together? No, never dropped it or mistreated it, palm just didn't spent a whole lot of time building it. It's almost as though there wasn't a structural engineer in the house when they designed the case - just a bunch of 'what do you think? Does it look cool? - Yeahm feels cool in the hand also' people. After the tanks that palm put out previously, I really thought they could have done much better.
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    Keeping it till the day I die!
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    I'm going to continue using my pre till it is no longer functional or until a new device is launched which is simply amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkeitz View Post
    Seriously? I'm keeping my Pre until it no longer works (or something significant breaks on it so it becomes too difficult to use). What, are you guys made of money? I have too much I have to spend on already!

    Why replace a phone that works fine?
    That's what I'm saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    Because you like new stuff? Because while it works "fine" you believe you can be more efficient with another device?

    Regardless, my Pre worked "fine" so i sold it with my touchstone for $125 and bought an Evo for $200. So $75 for a new device is more than justifiable for me.
    Don't get me wrong, I like new stuff, but my Pre works as well as the day I got it (actually better). I can't see anything out there that would be a significant upgrade. Sprint offers me annual upgrades, but that $200 is better spent on new lacrosse equipment for my sons. I have an early adopter's personality on a teacher's salary. There have to be compromises.
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    I will keep my Sprint Pre until either:

    1. A new webOS device becomes available on Sprint, or,

    2. My Pre-minus dies.

    If number 2 happens before number 1, not sure what I will do. I guess I would get a "new" Pre-minus if they are available, or possibly try the PrePlus frankenphone procedure. If the frankenphone bit works with the Pre 2, would also consider that depending on cost.

    I certainly hope my Pre lasts until a newer device is available on Sprint. It's working OK right now, but seems to be getting more unreliable and the crack by my USB port is slowly growing.....
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    - Jim J.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkeitz View Post
    Seriously? I'm keeping my Pre until it no longer works (or something significant breaks on it so it becomes too difficult to use). What, are you guys made of money? I have too much I have to spend on already!

    Why replace a phone that works fine?
    Oh don't go there... I got a lecture from these guys when I said that last time lol.
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    Thanks to Homebrew I'm very happy with the performance of my Sprint Pre and will continue to use it.

    Agreed, there is certainly room for improvement on the hardware and I'd love to be able to eventually upgrade to a spiffier device, but nothing out there is enticing enough to pull me away from webOS at this point.
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    I have a German launch day Pre (october 13, 2009) that I sent in for Oreo fixing in january. Since I never throw my phone and never sit on it, it has no cracks and since I have manual dexterity, the battery door is still there. I've dropped it on concrete a couple of times and part of the upper edge chipped off. Glued it back in smooth and seamless so you only see a hairline.

    I see no reason not to keep mine until my plan is up for renewal in a year. I'm much happier now than I was two years ago at my HTC Herald midterm, when keys would work erratically and I was on my second set of styluses (styli?) because the first had already broken.
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    I've been going back and forth a lot on this question for about a week. My Pre isn't going to last forever. Its slider is wobbly and it has a crack on the edge of its screen. It won't suddenly die tomorrow but I clearly need to replace it sooner, rather than later.

    I was actually ready to jump to Verizon if Sprint didn't say something about when or if a new webOS phone would be available. And then the whole drama with Classic happened. Now I have to ask myself if I even want to stay on the webOS platform at all. Palm has always been a little haphazard with its development. This ramshackle, start up like behavior was acceptable and even a little charming when Palm was a plucky underdog taking on giants like Apple and Google. But now that they're the equivalent of a trophy wife to the biggest computer company in the world, suddenly I'm not inclined to cut them as much slack.
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    I have a Sprint Pre which is in good shape hardware wise. With the Homebrew folks creating patches and Palm doing upgrades (eg still camera to video camera with a software upgrade) I am currently happy with it. Maybe Sprint has their eye on one, or more, of the other 4 HP/Palm phones that are in the works, maybe something with 4G. Sprint has always provided good service, corrected any issues promptly and not taken and crippled a phone (eg Verizon GPS) that I have had on their service. I will wait to see what the future brings, because the Pre2 is not the device that Rahul Sood would be referring to as "everyone will want in once the presentation of hardware is in front of them,". Think about it Pre2 is just an upgrade. I truly feel we will see some real game changers coming from HP/Palm in the not to distant future.
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    I'll be keeping my Pre+ until the end of january. In january I'm ready for an upgrade so I'll be switching to the Pre2 (assuming that its available on Verizon by that time...)
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    Now that my phone is running for +12 hours on a charge again. Until I break it. And then it will be another WebOS phone on Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brandonp2 View Post
    Personally, my launch day (Sprint) Pre has really done me well. Yes, I would love to see new, not updated, hardware soon, but I also understand that with the financial difficulties Palm had, and with the HP acquisition, there needs to be some time for a truly "new" device to make it's way to market. I'm looking for HPalm to present all of with this new device at CES. And if for some reason we don't see this device I January, that's ok too; I'd rather use a 2 year old webOS device that I know and love than to switch to a new OS just because of being cildish and inpatient. Just MHO...
    This, I'm not in any hurry to get a new phone (its an early Sprint minus). Pre 2 is not a big enough upgrade for me to crave it on Sprint (can't beat the price I get on sprint). I like my pre and I want to stick with WebOS, if it takes another year to come out with a new phone I'm fine with that I can wait. Evo is wayyyy to big, I don't want a tablet in my pocket thanks, and I'm not that impressed with Android. If they just make the screen a little bigger, keep the same form factor and improve battery life I would be happy. I might be a little disappointed without the hombrew community though. Homebrew makes the phone a 100 times better.
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    i'm on a pre minus with 24month contract lasting another 12 and will use it till then hopefully. If oreo effect, headset jack and usb port loose connection do not get worse i will keep it, otherwise will try to let it be replaced.

    hoping that webOS 2 will speed up my device a bit.
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    my sprint contract is up in july. if the pre goes kaput before that time period i don't know what i'll do. i do not want an android..
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    Honestly, I wil keep my pre till somthing else comes along that sparks my fancy. At this point, im throughly enjoying webOS on my sprint pre. As much as I would and want a Pre 2. Sprint Pre is good enough for me.
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    I'll keep my pre till january ces, or until i see what the next version of android is going to look like.
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    I have had a pre since the first day on sprint.
    I also had a pre plus for work, which I had to give up after switching jobs.

    So I decided to try out the evo, I have been using it for a week. It was between the evo and the epic, the epic did not feel right...brilliant screen but the keyboard felt like crap and the overall feel was less than impressive.

    I can't really put my finger on it, but the evo is just not better to me. The only real thing I could say was a positive was the browser mainly based on the bigger screen. Not as much zooming and pinching just felt more natural. It is annoying in the pocket, and I find myself really missing the pre keyboard.

    I really miss my pre, even with all its little issues.

    I think i will go back to my little pre and wait on sprint until they get the next webos device.
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    I am still on my launch day Pre and it is holding up great, a very dependable phone for me. I have it overclocked with the 500/1000 govnah/uberkernel with a Mugen 1400 battery and my Pre meets my needs very well right now. I can't wait until I get webOS 2.0 running on my Pre! The answer to your question is on how long I will keep my Pre? I plan on keeping it until a 4G HP/Palm superphone arrives. My 2 years with Sprint will be up next June so if Sprint does not carry this phone than I guess it was nice knowing you Sprint.
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