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    Its sooooo much fun!! If you havent you should try it out! The CD lens I used was a near perfect fit into my old back cover
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    very cool. How did you do this?
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    wow! those are great. i love macro photography. it's about the only style of shootinig that i really get in to. so, you took a lens from an old CD player or something, and stuck it into an old cover? is that what you're saying?

    i'd like to try this too!
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    Yup, Basically got an old computer's CD player, opened it up and got the lens out.

    The lens i got out was almost a perfect fit for the camera hole for my old back, now I use the touchstone so the old one wasnt doing anything anyway.

    To make the lens fit in more snuggly though i got a straw and cut out circular piece and then trimmed it a bit so it fit in the hole perfectly. After that I put pushed in the lens and DONE!

    I didnt have to use glue or any kind of adhesive at all

    The hardest part of taking the pictures is holding your camera steady when at the perfect focal length, other than that Its great fun! I even made a video of an ant moving around and what not. Its a great pass time lol
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    This video is still processing on HOWEVER Works just fine if you try to play it on the palm pre! I donno how or why that is, but if you wanna watch and yotube says no, try it out on the pre
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    This is one of my complaints about the camera in the Pre was the inability to do macro photography – Thanks for telling us how to do it, even if it means modifying the lens. I hope that Palm / HP give us macro capability in the next iteration of the phone.

    Thanks again for your post.
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    video didn't work on my pre....says it can't find it. That is pretty interesting stuff, can't say I've really heard of it before although I've probably seen it lots. Have to try it out one day once the weather gets nasty. Thanks for the post
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    Cheap jelly lens from eBay do the trick.

    Taking macro pictures with your phone’s camera
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    thx. I gotta try this!
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    For whoever wanted to watch the video I figured out the error.

    This should work!

    I didnt know about the jelly lens, but technically this is cheaper since you get a free lens out of an old CD/DVD player that is broken/of no use (since everyone has MP3 Players these days). And from the pictures take from the jelly lens it does not seem to be as much of a zoom as the CD lens, the plus side of which is of course you can take more of an object into the picture (Like today I wanted to a picture of a spider and the only thing i could get in there was one of its legs cuz it was a big one). I guess you can use different kinds of lenses for different zooms so thats something I may try out! Thanks!

    But if you wanna set one up in the next ten-20 minutes instead of waiting for a shipment, rip open a CD player! Its more geeky and fun this way lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandufour View Post
    Advice : Buy a real SLR camera with a good lens if you want to do macro photography.

    But nice job, OP.

    I actually do have a SLR camera which ive used for both Macro and Telescopic photography (I like taking pictures of things that our normal eyes cant see)

    But this is just super convenient since I literally have my phone with me everywhere I go. Just today at a picnic a big spider showed up! and then later today in my garage a centipede! Both times I had my pre handy . Now the images are not nearly as nice as SLR of course, but I get to take macro pictures in places I didnt plan on, which is a win!

    Also my SLR camera doesnt do video, I'm not sure if any do but mine doesnt . But my pre does!

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