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    I've been having connectivity issues for a long time now, so i decided to call Customer Service. The woman told me to go and reset the system settings through the MLS code. After this the phone went haywire and all carrier settings changed. No calls could go in or out, no texts, nothing. I handed it today to my Sprint store, who then proceeded to tell me they couldn't fix it and that I should request warranty service for it ($100... whoopie...). The Phone is still under warranty but has two cracks on the top and the side which I am pretty sure are not my fault. Now from experience, is there anything I can do? Now the phone is stuck at the Try Again window with my HEX MEID showing and unable to activate it.

    Any help with this problem or am I screwed?
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    if it is under the one year warranty sprint must replace it at no cost to you.

    also, does it boot up to make the app launcher accessible?

    it might need you to run the doctor and start over, assuming there is no hardware problem.
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    you should have never left the store without a working phone or one in the mail at no cost to you!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    It is under the one year warranty, the excuse they gave me for not doing that is because the corners are cracked. Also technician gave me a weird excuse of "Not the default software", which is not true because I doctored my phone a week ago so its only running stock 1.4.5.

    Also no, the screen is just stuck at Activation Error after they tried to fix it, gives me my HEX MEID, but nothing more.

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    you should have never left the store without a working phone or one I'm the mail at no cost to you!!
    =/. I still have the service receipt if that counts for something. I also have last night's reference number from the representative
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    is there another store you can go to . Explain what happened to them with the OS being messed up . If not call in and ask for customer retention.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    You need to just call in to customer service and make them send you a phone it was working before right? tell them what they told you to do broke your phone most CSR's do not know this but you can hit the emergency call and clear out the 911 then you can dial ## 6 didget MSL # and reprogram your phone
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    Dude, i had Software Corruption from the Doc freezing up on me. Sprint gave me hell (all because i had 1/4 inch usb crack) for 3 days until i finally spoke to somebody about it and they understood what i was saying about the software. even said that my phone was never registered or activated, that was my 3rd Prei was using for months.

    Put up a good fight and Sprint will give in, even if u go into a store n they tell u no, than call customer service then n there and use ur refrence number, they record all the calls so its evidence of what u were told messed up ur phones software. Dont take no for an answer, they may be sprint, but for Sprint every Customer Matters in my opinion.

    I too have been stuck at the activaction screen, perhaps call tech support have them activate ur phone than go to an area where u have great evdo, Evdo is needed for the phone to complete activation.

    Hope it works out for u man, best of luck

    if ur a chick, sorry about the dude thing.
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    Not sure if this will help, but something that happened to me once. I called in for some issue with my 700P, the CS rep had me do the MSL reprogram, only she told me to use the same number for both MDN and MSID (which I knew were different, I had ported my number over to an already programmed phone). Had I continued with her instructions I would have been in the same boat you're in. After bringing this to her attention she checked the account and gave me the proper MSID. I suppose some CSR's are programmed improperly as well.
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    If only at that time you'd known about doing this They told you to press ##786#, which takes you to the (RLS) screen. That should have just reset your device to factory default. However, something went wrong... You should have immediately perform a webos doctor which would have override the whole operation. Thus, wipe the phone clean to a factory default. That would have definitely fix the issue.

    Note: If they(Sprint Rep) have already refuse to repair or replace the phone > then they might have already stored the info on your account. You could still try to doctor it, or contact Palm and try your luck.

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    I called n spoke with Sprint about ur issue, said either call them or go instore for a OTA activation and after that has been done, you need to find a spot with evdo(sprint store) to have the evdo complete the actavation process. After that you should be good to go.

    Hope it works out for you
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    Check again. I had my phone replaced today, it also had cracks, the slider wouldn't close and the usb door was missing. I got a refurb for free. I had called first to see what was involved in doing a replacement. I was told 100 bucks through the insurance. I asked if there was anyway to reduce that as I only paid about 100 for the phone originally, and didnt want to pay that for a refurb. The rep checked with a supervisor, the sup said I could take it to the store instead and that it they would exchange it for 35.00. I had her note that on the account. The rep in the store said they used to charge between 35-115 depending on if you had warranty coverage or not but it changed yesterday. I got mine replaced at no cost. He said previously, the cracks weren't covered but now they will replace it per a new sprint policy. I had had my phone for 16 months. This one looks brand new, with the chrome instead of opaque button. I doesn't seem to be as responsive as my old one, I'm having to do multiple presses to get things to respond, but I have 30 days to take it back. The original activation date was Jan 2010 and the refurb was sept 2010. Hopefully they weren't a precentral geek who over clocked or messed anything up. :::crossing fingers:::
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    Have you tried running the webos repair utility on your phone or doctoring it? That will pretty much guarantee it isn't a software issue

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    try the doctor,if still slow and unresponsive just get another,,but what do I know,,im just a precentral geek who overclocks,,lolol sorry could not help it.

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