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    Hi all! New Pre owner -- upgraded from my Centro, and am hoping I'll love the Pre as much as I did my Centro. In setting up the Pre, I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed & confused (and even a bit overwhelmed & confused searching the forums) so thought I'd ask for help and advice, and I'm sure a couple of these questions are pretty dumb, but I won't know unless I ask.

    I have the Touchstone -- do I leave the special battery cover on all the time?

    For my Centro, I could set one ringtone for unknown numbers and a different ringtone for my contacts. I haven't been able to find that option, if it exists, in the Pre, so I'm wondering if the Pre has that same option, and if it does where do I find it (it wasn't obvious, at least to me)?

    My 3rd question relates to the calendar. When I moved my Centro calendar info to Google, it didn't pick up my "personal" appointments, and thus they are not available in my Pre. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or if that was due to the way I had the info set up in the Centro. I guess I'm a bit confused about the "layered" calendar and how to use Pre's calendar more efficiently.

    And finally, I guess this last question is probably more a personal preference sort of question, but is it advisable to have a cover for the Pre? I carry my phone, mostly in my han****, and while my Centro was pretty sturdy, I'm a bit worried about the Pre being safe among all the "crap" that get's thrown into my han****.

    Thank you all in advance for any advice/help.
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    Welcome to the forums. I'm sure more will pop in with other options.

    1. Yes, always leave the touchstone back on.

    2. You can set a ringtone per contact. Just go into contacts and edit the contact. If you want 2 differemt, then set the default for unknowns and 1 for everyone in the contacts. Yes you have to do it individually. You can set your speed dials in contacts as well.
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    Thanks frantid.

    Will spend some time later setting ringtones!
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    there is also a cool patch in preware that will reject all calls that you have in a contact called 'do not answer',,,,it sends them calls right to voicemail.
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    Welcome cepet.
    You might wanna take a look at this:

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    hack it!
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    On the main page, go to Tips. They have been doing a "Tip of the Day" and you will find some very useful beginner stuff there.
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