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    Well let's get right to it. I am with Sprint. I will not change mainly because I think the plans are better. I live away from my family and I love being able to start making calls at 7pm that don't count against my minutes. Everything data plan, and I use the GPS every day. I don't really play any games. I take pics, I like to keep up with college football scores on Saturdays, and I use the internet on my phone.

    My issue is I have read a lot about the Palm Pre having problems, meaning the phone itself. I have also heard about WebOS being great. Having no card slot is no big deal to me either. Anyway it is now $49 on Sprint's website. I believe it is $39 on Wirefly. I like the price. I am not in to paying large sums of money for a phone though. I don't use facebook or do any social networking. I text and make calls. I like to have other apps available for stuff I need info on while I am out and about.

    I can get the Samsung Transform, Android, touchscreen, slide out Qwerty, looks to be a really nice phone. Not sure if there is a difference between battery life on the Transform vs the Pre. Or I can get a Pre or Pixi. I think the Pre is a better phone than the pixi though. Battery life seems to be an issue with any phone now-a-days anyway.

    I have not seen anything where HPalm is coming out with a new phone for sprint any time soon. So the decision is to go with an older more outdated phone (Pre) for the next 2 years or go ahead and get the Transform and use Android for the next 2 years.
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    I don't think you would be disappointed in the Pre. I don't care for Android so, meh. The tough decision at this point, for me, would be whether to wait to see if a new HPalm device is coming out soon or go with the Pre. If price is a major deal then go with the Pre, since any new device will probably be $199 with 2 year contract.
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    While you may be betting on getting a working Pre, I have been on Sprint's network for over 11 years now and never have I loved a phone more then my Palm Pre. It's a second week Pre, my screen is cracked, the usb cover is long gone and a bit of plastic is missing where it was once connected, my power button has a bit of cardboard from a Mountain Dew 12 pack to ensure it works, but it's still the best phone I've ever had. Get the Pre, or wait a few weeks and see if Sprint gets the Pre2 and homebrew it. I don't think you'll regret it.
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    I'm a pre lover... so you know the pre would be my first choice. I wish you could get the pre2 though > it's an updated phone to the palm pre, and for some reason sprint is waiting for something different. :ugh!
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    If your going to spend $150 on an android phone, you may as well spend $50 more and get the evo or $70 more for the epic. If you can't stomach the $10 monthly 4G tax, I'd go with the much cheaper and plenty capable pre minus for $50. The pre (stock) is still competitive with all mid range smartphones and still good bang for the buck.
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    The Transform kinda sucks, according to Engadget's review. See here: Samsung Transform review -- Engadget
    3/10 is pretty darn bad. Honestly, if you wanted an Android phone, I'd look at Tmobile, for their rather-good similarly priced plans, but sticking on Sprint, the verdict is quite clearly to spring for an Epic or an Evo, and wrestle with Android, or get a Pre, and probably end up getting it replaced a couple times.
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    get a used Pre and wait for the next palm phone from sprint
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    for what you say you use your phone for,, I would tell you to get a pixi,,better battery life. All you do is make calls and text so sounds like that would be a better choice for you.
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    Pre is free in HP's site. Free activation and shipping.

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