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    Im a newbie in Palm and stuff. I've searched the internet, but couldn't find an answer.
    So. I recently bought a palm pre. its running 1.4.5
    When I plug it into usb on my mac it only charges. I can't choose usb or sync mode. I've tried opt+sym+u, but it doesn't work as too.
    Plugging it into a PC (win xp) doesn't help as well.
    I cannot replace the device nor usb cable, because it was a second hand device and also im not i States or any other country, which supports Pre.

    Any ideas how I can enable usb mode on my Pre, or I'm stuck without it?
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    Go to the phone app and dial ##USBPASS# , then make sure that all the options are in Off.
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    when i go to the phone app and dial ##USBPASS# the only thing I get is "USSD request failed. Network failure"
    Is there a 'special' way to dial it?

    Got it.
    Now what is DIAG auth. code?


    You mean to set all the options to "none" ? and 'use USBNet' to desable?
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    is it actually charging when you plig it in? It shounds like a bad cable or a bad usb port. What happens when you plug it in to the wall charger it came with?
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    OK. Got it working. The cable is fine. It charges fine and USB works just fine now.
    I switched everything off in usb passthrough settings for usb and it works
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    what is the diag. code?
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    It's the computer's USB port w/ the issue in my experience, not the cable or Pre.
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