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    Does anyone know if you can swap a Pre 2's radio with your Sprint radio from an original Pre and have it work?

    That would pretty much make the lack-of-carriers issue irrelevant to me, and I could still use my upgrade for the Palm C40/Roadrunner/whatever if (or when) it hits...
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    We'll know once the Pre 2 lands in some hands of those capable of examining the guts to see if they are compatible.
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    Search is your friend buddy...

    As for your second point, it IS an issue. Majority of phone customers will not do a radio swap just to get a phone. They will just skip and buy another one.
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    It's not as hard as people think but I agree that most would just abandon webos. I'm watching this closely as well as the pre2 price. I'll be going this route if nothing is announced at ces.

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