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    I had my Pre Plus plugged into a wall charging while I had headphones plugged into it listening to music. It was on shuffle for about an hour before I picked it up. It was uncomfortably hot on most of the back of the phone, and so hot that it hurt to touch the antenna area. I unplugged it and took out the battery to let it cool off. I noticed some blotches on the left side of the screen, but they eventually went away. It also had a lot of squeaks and creaks in the slider and the keyboard when I first started using it again, but those went away too. I know this has been discussed, but do I have anything to worry about, or should I exchange it/ the battery?
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    It is really quiet at my desk, almost too quiet. Just to see if it would work, I installed Pandora and tried to get streaming radio to work at my desk. Even though I have a relatively weak signal, the radio in the Pre is strong enough to get a decent lock to allow for music streaming at a respectable quality with only a skip here and there.

    The problem is that over time this can result in a device that is warm to the touch. One time it actually became too hot for my tastes and I removed the battery for twenty minutes to let it cool off. I did not notice any addtional give on the device or blotches on the screen. The device runs just fine now, although when I do stream music at my office I go without AC power until I get the 20% battery warning and then I let it charge again.

    I have two batteries, one of which I "baby" so unless I'm actually hurting the Pre (which I don't think is the case) I'm going to continue doing this.
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    my wifes pixi got that hot once, randomly, on it's own, with nothing running. Wasn't right after that. I dunno why. Battery was fine. Phone was quite glitchy till it was replaced.

    my pre gets hot when playing some games, but never caused any issues. Think hers pegged out @ like 52ish. Hottest mine got was 51. Then again I had to get that one replaced due to speakerphone failure... I dunno, just my .02

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