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    All I can think is why why why hadn't Palm gone worldwide with the Pre and Pixi? Such a pleasure to use this phone yesterday! The OS is a delight to use and I like the form factor much better than an iPhone or HTC.

    I'm sure this has been done to death on here, but I just can't believe WebOS is one of IT's best kept secrets.

    Anyway, I'm glad I took the risk of getting a Pre here in Australia
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    Welcome to the family!

    One of our favorite developers is from Australia.

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    yeah, it's hard to believe such a nice gets so little recognition
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    hey, welcome to the world of pre ownership. glad you're liking it so far. be sure to check out all of the information about homebrew, and the many ways you can customize your experience.
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    Hi, lavo96..
    Welcome to the webos world, and to your addiction to your phone. I wish more people could really get the opportunity to experience the webos operating system on these devices.

    Such nice words make me feel proud to own a webos device, and being a part of a wonderful community like this. Feel free to drop in any question, thoughts, or concern.

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    Welcome and all of us here couldn't agree more! With HP taking over, we hope that one day that could be a reality! Cheers!

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    Thanks for the post of encouragement folks

    Day 3 and I'm still enjoying using the Pre! Best thing about yesterday, it synced perfectly with the bluetooth phone system in the work truck. Other than battery life, its been great to use.

    The thing I notice the most about the Pre, is that its inviting to use. The iPhone in comparison feels cold and industrial in design (both hardware and software), where the Pre comes across as warm in design. Let's hope the Pre2 hasn't lost those qualities!
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    I got my Pre about 3 weeks ago when I renewed my Sprint contract. Came with $50 gift card for the App Store. I haven't figured out if I can use it to purchase apps from this site.
    I love my Pre!

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