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    I keep getting a load error where it misses 2 chunks and doesn't install. Not sure what that means... Anyone know how to get it to install and work right?
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    sounds like it is conflicting with another patch. what other patches are you using, and which haptic patch are you using? there are several.
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    I have:
    GNU Patch
    VKB Default Themes and Configuration
    3000 autoreplace words
    4x4 icons v3
    add date - MM/DD
    Battery Icon and Percent
    Enable Landscape messaging
    Virtual Keyboard

    As for Haptic, its v1.4.5-33

    I dont think anything is supposed to conflict, but I dont know much at all here... Is there another haptic patch to try?
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    there is one patch that does haptic feedback just for the dialer, and there is another one called "haptic feedback manager" that let's you apply settings to other aspects of the phone.
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    I get the same prob the way to fix it is download the patch on a computer and install it through webOS quick install whick worked for me.... Or you can try downloading the patch on your phone through the forum and open it and install it with internalz.. I did the first option and haptic is installed and working for me

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