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    I can't download anything. I get "restart requred, system adjustments must be made before instalation can continue". This happens after you select "restart" or "cancel". I shut the phone down and removed the battery, same thing. I also took it out of developer mode with the same results.
    I FINNALY get Preware installed and can't use it! Can someone please help.
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    Are you on WebOS version 1.4.5?
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    Yes, a bit more information would be helpful. webOS version? and what are you trying to download?
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    Yes, 1.4.5. Trying to download anything?
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    Screenshots of error?
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    I'm having the same problem.

    I'm running WebOS 1.4.5 and PreWare 1.3.8. I only use the phone on wifi and not on the cell network.

    Its been ages since I even turned the phone on. I just get a 'Download failed' message anytime I try to download an app. This is true for free and paid apps.

    Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?

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