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    Who knew that the Slacker Radio app was a trial version?? I thought that it was just like Pandora. I've had Slacker on my phone for what feels like 7-10 mos and I went into it the other day and lo and behold, (YOUR TRIAL PERIOD IS UP).

    What's that all about? Can anyone provide any details around this occurence?

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    I downloaded this app the day it was first available. Not having this issue on my phone...not sure what to tell you.
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    No problems for me. Of course, I am a Slacker Premium (or whatever the paid service is) member.
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    Thanks for the feedback!! I wasn't a premium member but as I stated earlier, I've been able to use the service as is for well over the past 6 mos and then nothing. I'm just trying to figure out what changed.
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    I'm not a premium member either...
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    No warnings here either. Not a premium member, been using slacker for months.
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    Just checked, mine still works fine also. (non-premium)
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    non-premium working fine here.
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