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    Ok, so I have a palm pre hacked into a palm pre plus on sprint. I love it, but I've recently found that the data cable that links the external speaker, volume rocker, headphone jack, camera, flash, and silent rocker is slowly failing. At the moment it's limited to a minor problem that if the machine is in vibrate mode it will go nuts mid slide and start switching in and out of vibrate mode at about half way through the slide. I pulled the machine apart and have noticed some lovely distortion and wear in the cable. I'm gonna see if I can maybe flatten the cable out or something but more than likely that cable is slowly going to get worse to the point that half my phone will soon stop working all together. What sucks the most is that this cable is the one of the two cables that is soddered onto the board that contains all of these components, and I don't have that spare part.

    So here in lies my problem. This machine is a hackjob of the best parts of two broken phones. There is no warrantee or insurance plan that will agree to fix this. However this is not a hard problem to fix. in a nutshell I need a new piece to replace the one that is falling apart on my phone. So this is where (hopefully) the community can come in. If you have a pre with maybe a broken screen, or the leftovers from a pre-pre plus conversion, or you decided you were tired of waiting for palm to make something new and bought some other phone and now have your old pre lying in a box somewhere, and you are willing to part with the machine please let me know. I would be very very much in your debt.

    I love my palm. It's the best phone I've ever had and I want to keep using it. For now I'm going to survive, but when this cable inevitably finishes digging itself six feet under, i'm done for. End of story. Without the parts I need I'm screwed. I can't use half a phone. So I'm asking for help. Hopefully someone can.

    Short for those that don't want to read= Phone is falling apart, no warantee, need parts, help!
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    There is a parts thread for people looking in the sale forum, under the other forums section.

    Here you go:
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    I got a frankenpre for parts. its a sprint pre with a verizon comm board, keyboard and screen. touchscreen doesnt work and the screen display is bad. no batt

    pm me your offer
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