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    Just wondering if anyone has the same problem as I do.
    If I pause a podcast, when I start it back up it crashes about 2-3 minutes later. This happens every single time, every podcast. I have to restart the podcast and try to find where I left off using that little slider.
    Anyone else?
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    I use it, but have never had this issue. Contact the developer.
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    I ue Dr Podder. Love it.
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    I used stitcher for a few weeks and had this problem routinely- I use Sprint in a rural are and also would have issues when my signal dropped from EV to 1X, no matter how much of the audio had buffered. I just went back to downloading at home or work via wifi and playing then deleting the podcast.
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    I am using Stitcher on a regular basis. On 3g GSM Pre and no problems.
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    I use Dr. Podder it is nearly flawless
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    I think you'll see this issue whether you are using Stitcher, drPodder, or the built-in webOS streaming media player. (But really, why would you use anything besides drPodder? )

    I haven't come up with a good test case to submit to Palm yet, but I think that the audio playback system will occasionally just decide that the memory usage is too high and dump core. When this happens, any app using the audio system will lose playback capabilities. Typically, all you have to do is back-swipe and then resume playing the episode you were listening to. In some cases, the audio system will be locked for a while (5+ minutes). Other rare instances will require a reboot.

    It's probably the #3 most common bug report I get, right below db corruption and playback ending before the episode has actually completed.
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    +2 on dr podder. Its fairly automated and keeps track of where I leave it. Cant complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hrolf View Post
    I ue Dr Podder. Love it.
    Me too!

    I used to use stitcher, but you can only listen to the most recent podcast, and you have to have an Internet connection to use it. I work in Verizon territory and they block data roaming here, so I'm offline all day. With Dr. Podder, it downloads my Rush Podcast overnight, and I can listen in the car on the way to and from work without an Internet connection.
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    dr podder

    however, atleast using fastforward with bt headset, it sets the time a minute ahead, but doesn't actually move you a minute ahead till the third or fourth time I press it. That's y it's cutting off podcasts at the end.

    also, with all media on webos, when paused, and when I press play on bt headset, sometimes it won't play no matter what, and I have to press play on screen.

    I've bugged the developer about alot, so I'm not gna email them anymore lol

    besides that, great app
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    Dr Podder here too.

    I've also noticed the problem with cutting off the end of the podcast, but it's happens with every one I listen to, even if I listen straight through, not fast-forwarding or even pausing.
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    ic :/
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    A little OT, but here are some links discussing the Fast forward bug as well as the Cutting off the end of the podcast bug.

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