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    I bought a GSM Pre + about a month ago, and have been going back and forth between my Nokia and the Pre, I would like to move to the Pre full time, but there are a few key things that are holding me back. Hopefully, I can get some input/answers. The main questions are in BOLD

    First a little about my smartphone use. I use AT&T prepaid service. This gives voice for 10 cents a minute, and I buy prepaid data in 100mb blocks for $20. With the exception of being in the car for an hour or so a day, I am within wifi range 90% of the time. (which also allows me to use VOIP on the Nokia)

    I have been a die hard Nokia fan for the past 4 years. Prior to that, I had a couple of WinMo smartphones. The main reason I moved to Nokia was to converge all of my devices into one. I've tried 6-7 different Nokia's in the past 3 years. All of them have had something that has kept me from sticking with one device.

    Currently, I'm using a Nokia N86. Mainly because of the camera, fm transmitter, podcasting, gps/ovi maps free turn by turn navigation, and Browser w/Flash

    I think the Pre 2's 5mp camera may help bridge the gap, since the current 3mp falls a little short of my expectations. A good camera is handy for lots of things. I've used mine to record model numbers or serial numbers for later reference/repairs. I've taken pictures of car parts when I can't take the part with me. Its handy for all kinds of things. The downside of the Pre is the lack of Macro/Closeup setting. It makes it harder to get detailed photos of smaller objects or a document.

    There is nothing I can do about the FM transmitter since that is a hardware issue. I use my Nokia 6-7 hours a week in my car to listen to podcasts. With the Pre, I'm using Gpodder. Is there any way to integrate podcasts into the Music Player? (I'm using Music Remix) I would like to be able to find the podcasts easily, and add them to a Playlist. (mix of songs and podcasts)

    I have been following the Navit thread for the past couple of weeks. The lack of stand alone GPS navigation on the Palm is one of the biggest things holding me back. Nokia phones are unique, since you can use OVI maps for free turn by turn navigation, without using any data. (You can choose to have A-GPS on or off, and you can also use Data, but only when searching for POI's not already in the phones data base) In order to do this, you just download the maps for the areas that you need. I have my home state and all connecting states on my phone. This also works great when you are out of cell phone coverage. I used my Nokia in Winnipeg over the summer, when my brothers iphone had no coverage, since we were out of the country.
    What are the chances of having a stand alone GPS/Navigation software, with turn by turn navigation for the Pre? I would be willing to buy Garmin XT, or some other 3rd party app if needed.

    Email and Twitter updates are also handled differently on my Nokia. It will turn on wifi, (or connect via 3G) at a set time (every 20 minutes) check for email or twitter updates and then turn off wifi or 3G. This way it doesnt continue to drain the battery. On the Pre, it appears data is on all the time, unless I manually turn it off. Is there any way to have an app turn on wifi, update, and then turn wifi off?

    I've done extensive battery tests on Nokia phones. It saves a lot of battery not having the wifi or 3g radio connected all the time. If I keep the Pre I will certainly purchase a Mugen battery. (I've used them with Nokia too)

    Hopefully WebOS 2.0 will bring more features, better battery management and greater customization. I am also aware that I will need to upgrade to the Pre 2 for a better camera.

    Overall, I'm enjoying the Pre. The size of the device, along with qwerty is perfect in my opinion. I'm still able to put it in my pocket.

    Sorry for my ramblings, I had a months worth of stuff to get off my chest.
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    good questions:

    padcasts - i recommend dr podder. it has the option to hide or expose them to the music player. I believe that stitcher also does, but I haven't tried it.

    on gps, the navit is probably your only option. at&t offers a full gps app, but there is a monthly charge for it. I'm known around here as the guy that still carries a garmin nuvi for gps, because i really don't want to use my phone for that. screen too small, and I'm usually talking on the phone so I want the gps to operate independently.

    on wifi and radio power. the news is mostly good for you.

    you can turn off wifi and it will stay off. you can also set it so that it is in a low power sleep any time the screen is off. you can also turn off the 3g radio manually when using wifi (or even use wifi with all of the phone radios off - airplane mode) to have the lowest power drain.

    the 3g radio seems to be the biggest power suck, followed by wifi. you can set your email polling to be infrequent, and turn off automatic sync with unimportant accounts to save battery by only checking them manually. there are some great threads around here on battery saving tips, and I'll try to find a link for you shortly.

    also, there are some great patches in preware to put these settings on the device menu so you can see status and turn them off/on from a single menu. if you don't have preware, you are missing the best part of the phone. do you have preware installed?

    so, you have good news on the wifi and podcasts, and a mixed bag on gps. i don't see garmin doing a webos app any time soon since they just ported their entire platform to android and launched their first android phone/gps products. they now compete directly with palm, blackberry, etc.

    post back if you need more info, and I'll track down that link for you.
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    Mode Switcher will get you significant battery savings as well as do what you'd like in your last question.
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    +1 on getting mode switcher. I forgot about that. it automates a lot of what you want to do with radios and many other aspects of the phone.

    here is the sticky thread on battery saving tips. we all agree you shouldn't have to do so much to nurse the battery, but it shows how much we all seem to like webOS.

    also, there are extended batteries available that will double or triple your battery capacity.
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    Thanks guys.

    I installed preware the second day. I should have mentioned that. I also have Govnah and am running at 500/1000 screenstate. (which brings up another question)

    Do I need to set Govnah every time I restart my phone. I bought a second battery for the Pre and when I change batteries, it looks like I have to go back into Govnah and change it to 500/1000. I can't find a "run at startup" option in preferences.

    WorkerB33 - thanks for the input. I have probably read the threads. I spent most of the last month reading as much as I can about the Pre. And certainly every thread about battery management. (I seem to be regressing with my phones battery life, in April I had a Nokia E72 with 1500mAh battery. That thing would last 4-5 days between charges)

    I also have Mode Switcher installed. I haven't messed around with it too much. I was mainly looking to emulate an app on the Nokia, where my phone would automatically switch to Airplane Mode at 10pm every night, and back to Normal at 7AM.

    I'm slowly learning the Palm way. Its just been too many years with Symbian.

    Hard to teach an old dog, new tricks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snotick View Post
    Thanks guys.

    I also have Mode Switcher installed. I haven't messed around with it too much. I was mainly looking to emulate an app on the Nokia, where my phone would automatically switch to Airplane Mode at 10pm every night, and back to Normal at 7AM.
    I am fairly certain you can do that with Mode Switcher as well as app specific events.
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    Sorry, just realized I am using DrPodder already. I'm using Gpodder on my Ubuntu PC.

    I don't see any option to hide/show to Music player. I'm using version 0.7.0.
    I will update to 0.7.1 to see if that helps.

    EDIT: OK. I updated to the paid version of drPodder. but still no option to add podcasts to music player.
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    with uberkernel you shouldn't have to reset the overclock speeds after a restart. you did in the beginning, but they improved things so you shouldn't have to do that now with uberkernel. ymmv with the other kernels that are considered "testing kernels".

    there is an app called "battery saver" that will switch your phone into airplane mode at a specific time. That's what I use, because I haven't taken the time to dig in to mode switcher.

    I'm glad to see you digging in, because webOS is more amazing at every layer you reach. one thing I liked about webOS in the beginning is that it was easy to teach this old dog some new tricks. I had been using other stuff for years, and webOS was easier to pick up than moving from windows xp to windows 7 (which also wasn't hard). and webOS 2.0 will be another major leap in goodness.

    every time I pick up an android phone I struggle to figure out how to do basic stuff. the iPhone and webOS are intuitive, where as I have to really dig to do stuff on android when people ask me to help them with their shiny new android... the first thing I do is point them to so they wont ask me any more questions.
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    Thanks, I looked at Battery Saver, but I thought Mode Switcher would do the same thing (and then some) Looks like I am going to have to spend some one on one time with Mode Switcher.

    I'm going to do a quick battery pull and see if my Govnah settings are autostarting.

    EDIT: I just did a quick restart (w/battery pull) and Govnah shows my profile as Unkown. Its running at 1ghz, but its not staying on the Screenstate 500/1000 after a restart.

    I gotta run, will check back later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snotick View Post
    Sorry, just realized I am using DrPodder already. I'm using Gpodder on my Ubuntu PC.

    I don't see any option to hide/show to Music player. I'm using version 0.7.0.
    I will update to 0.7.1 to see if that helps.

    EDIT: OK. I updated to the paid version of drPodder. but still no option to add podcasts to music player.
    the option to show/hide is chosen in each individual feed. open an existing feed and chose "edit feed" and you will see a toggle for "hide podcast files"
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    here is the official drpodder thread to ask the developer questions:

    and you can email

    he has always been very responsive

    from drpodder documentation:

    Hide Podcast Files (default: ON)
    If you would like downloaded podcast files to be hidden from the built-in music player and other apps that play music on your Pre, leave this ON. The podcast files will be downloaded to a folder named /drPodder/.[FEED TITLE]/ and not show up in other apps. If you have a podcast with music or other files that you would like to make visible to other apps, turn this OFF and your podcast files will be downloaded to /drPodder/[TITLE]/.

    i believe that turning this off will only effect downloaded podcasts from that point forward, but I'm not sure.
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    Thanks again WorkerB. I finally found the settings to show podcasts in the Music Player. I never thought to look inside each feeds settings. That's a bonus, since I can choose to have some podcasts show up in the MP and hide others. Very nice.

    I'm still working on getting my data set up properly.

    If I have my sim in the Pre, email and twee update every 30 minutes via 3G. With my Sim out of the phone, my wifi shuts down when the phone is idle. So, I'm not getting any updates. On my Nokia, even if the phone has been sitting idle for hours, it will turn on wifi first, (if available) or 3G, update and then go back to idle. All without turning the screen on.
    When I pick up my Nokia, email and twitter are up to date within 30 minutes at any time.

    I know my situation is unique, since I am using prepaid data with the Pre. If I had an unlimited plan, I would just let it update via 3G all the time.
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    in wifi settings, look at the sleep options. you can tell the wifi to stay on when the screen goes to sleep.

    but, when you say "sleep" you mean idle right? or are you talking about being in airplane mode or having the wifi radio turned off. in that case it won't wake up because it assumes that off means off.
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    My Govnah resets with battery pulls, but doesn't with phone resets.

    MS will definitely do what Battery Saver will do, plus TONS more. (Not that Batt Saver isn't a good app.)

    You can have your system settings (wifi, data, etc.) change with many different triggers. The wiki has a link to a manual that will open up a world of possibilities. There is also a thread on battery saving settings in MS with the Modes available for importing into MS, saving you a bit of work. Or, customize to your liking.

    Add a spare touchstone or two, or even just a cable, and you should not ever really have to worry about battery life.
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    Yeah, it seems that I only have 2 choices for the wifi. Either on all the time, or on until the phone goes idle. (Yes, to me idle is when the screen turns itself off)

    My concern with this, is when you set the auto update intervals for 30 minutes of 1 hour, then your wifi is draining battery the other 59 minutes. I've read the threads claiming that wifi doesn't use that much battery when its idle, but from my experience over the course of an entire day, it can consume 25-30%.

    Now, I'm not a programmer. Heck, I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. So, I don't know if its possible to have an app like twee or email turn on the wifi radio when the phone is idle.

    Sorry, if I'm missing the answer somewhere. Still getting used to WebOS and all the fun that comes with it.
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    i'm pretty sure that it would still check for email over wifi even if the lcd is asleep. I use EAS and it checks for email over wifi when asleep, but that's a push mechanism. you would have to send yourself some test emails and wait for it to check to see if it does it. I would totally expect it to work, but webOS is full of surprises.
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    Is your wifi on all the time. or do you have it set to turn off when the screen is off?

    With push email, I believe you need to have an open connection all the time. So either your wifi or GSM radio would need to be on.

    I'm using more of a timed "fetch" method. Simply put, It would be the same as me manually turning on wifi/data, checking my email or updating my twitter every 30 minutes. Then turning wifi/data off.

    As it stands now, I have to either leave wifi on all the time (stays on even when phone is idle) or I turn wifi off and as soon as I unlock the phone it connects to wifi and updates twitter/email.

    When I press the power button for a second, the screen lights up. As if you were checking to see what time it is. My wifi is not on. I have to swipe up to unlock the phone. At that time wifi connects and I get notifications for new mail and new tweets.

    I should note, that I don't have my Sim in my phone at this time. If I did, it would update over 3G even when the phone is idle. And even if I am within range of wifi.
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    I am on CDMA (Verizon) and my wifi goes to sleep with the screen. I generally turn off the 3g radio in the office because I have a good wifi connection. I get my email on my phone as fast as on my pc, sometimes faster to the phone. so it is definitely waking up to check for mail, but EAS is a push technology, so it is being initiated by the exchange server whereas pop or imap would be initiated from the phone. I also have it connected to a POP account that polls about every hour, and it gets email even when the phone has been idle for a long time.

    I don't know about the impact of having the SIM in or out because that is a GSM technology. I know that my AT&T blackberry curve can't do anything without the SIM, but it also doesn't have a wifi radio so it isn't a good comparison.

    I'd suggest that you try it with the SIM in to confirm that it is polling for email while asleep, and then try it again without the SIM to see if there is a change.
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    Hmmm your wifi has to be on, or at least sniffing for an update from EAS. Even when your screen is off. When you turn on your screen, do you see the wifi icon in the upper right corner? My wifi icon doesnt show up until I unlock my phone.
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    when I turn my screen on it shows the wifi radio is off, and I can watch it chage from 3 dots to a signal strength indicator a few seconds after I unlock it (or hit the space bar). if I try to access something to quickly, I get an error that I have no internet connection. it is definitley asleep when my screen is off.
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