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    I'm running out of time. The wife's phone, an old Samsung feature phone, is becoming increasingly flakey (it's been run through the laundry ... twice) and she is getting impatient. I've pretty much decided to switch to Sprint because of the much better monthly smartphone rates.

    Currently, if I buy through HP via their partner simplexity I can get two pres plus a "FREE Palm Power Bundle" that includes: Palm Cover and Touchstone Charging Dock, Vehicle Power Charger, Power Adaptor, Palm Pre Side Case. It is unclear weather I get the free bundle for both phones or just the primary line. Of course shipping and activation are free as well.

    My question to the pre faithful, are there any better package deals out there?

    As far as the future goes, if my daughter keeps her grades up another quarter we promised her a phone. If by then Sprint gets the Pre2 or another yet undisclosed webOS phone I would probably hand my pre off to her and get the new one for me
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    I say take it before it disappears . Quickly !!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Sounds like a great deal.... get it while you can.

    EDIT... The Palm Pre side case (made by Palm) looks nice but has some flaws.

    1. There are no openings on the bottom to push the phone up and out of the case, instead it uses a pull ribbon to lift the Pre out, if you aren't careful it makes for an easy drop to a hard surface.

    2. There is no cutout or perforation where the back speaker can be exposed. Thsi results in a very muffled ring and is easy to miss even with the volume all the way up and a distinct ringtone. Then consider your shorter notification sounds that are default and any you might add to customize your phone and you miss even more.

    Aside from that you will find the Touchstone to be invaluable. We have 8 in our family and I use four of them myself.
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