so I am always thinking of good possible advertising ideas for webos and I have an idea. Palm should conduct a poll, possibly through an engine like precentral where they are specifically targeting an audience that has switched from other devices, especially the iphone or droid operating systems to webos and finds webos to be much superior. Once palm has identified these webos enthusiasts, they should interview them and take real life accounts of them testifying how they have used other devices like iphone and droids etc. and they find webos to be much better, bla bla bla. Maybe interview them in a real life places like a busy street or market. I think it is very important for people to see through real life accounts that the webos way of doing things is much better than the alternatives, even the ones that are blowing up the market. Palm needs to critically think about ways they can reach a large consumer base and I think this may be a possiblee idea. What do you guys think?