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    Hello I have had problems with my evdo connection. it works 50 % of the time. sometimes it will try to load and after about 30 seconds it will give up and switch to 1x. a minute later it will swith to ev but then when trying to load something it will encounter the same problem. I thought it was only my phone since i have dropped it so much but my friend, who i lured to webos, has been complaining of the same problem.

    Is it possible to doctor on ubuntu? I think i will try that tonight.
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    sounds like a signal issue...maybe try updating your preferred roaming list[?]
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    I did that and also updated my network settings. it Did not work.
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    Give EVDO Rev O a try. It helps in some areas.
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    Happens to me too. I've never had a Sprint phone that dropped from EVDO to 1X as often as my Pre does, and I've been using Sprint in my current region for nearly 10 years. It's definitely not a coverage issue.
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    I have the same problem as well. I don't think all Pre's exhibit this behavior but there certainly seems to be a significant number of people with this problem. I've had other Sprint users in my office stand next to me with other phones and get constant EVDO when my phone is almost always on 1x. I also had someone visiting my office with a Sprint Pre that along with several co-workers with the Verizon Pre Plus that have no issues keeping an EVDO signal.

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