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    Seriously. How long are they going to continue to ignore a major sector of the global mobile market? They have lost so much mind share already to iOS and Android.
    I am getting frustrated by the lack of access to the official app catalog (though I have a new O2 UK Palm Pre which appears to have been factory activated and I can download the free apps) and inability to purchase apps.
    I really am reluctant to buy a third device without official support and warranty from HP Palm.

    HP has global presence and if they want to win back mindshare they have to do serious global marketing and sales.
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    The very first leaked screenshot of the Pre 2 from shows China Telecom as the carrier. So they are clearly in the region...

    Come on Pallllllmmmmm AP! There are other countries like sg, my, tw, hk, in, ph and not just .cn!
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    Don't forget au, we always seem to be among the last.....
    Apple iPhone (before it was a fashion accessory) -> Palm Pre (O2 UK) -> Palm Pre Plus (AT&T)

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