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    I sent out a tweet to O2 Germany the day before yesterday and answer was that as of yet, they do not have any information about the Pre2 or when WebOS 2.0 will hit Germany.
    According to the German IT news site "golem", the Pre2 won't come to O2 Germany: WebOS-Smartphone: Palm Pre 2 wird es nicht bei O2 geben -

    Here's the tweet from O2 Germany that the aticle refers to: Twitter / o2business: @Cyruss1989 Das Palm Pre2 ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StevenX View Post
    Palm released an app named Get Social, which has listings of days out, exhibitions, etc. across the UK. It was tied into a Get Social campaign which didn't seem to be publicised much, but there were logos kicking about on the Palm UK page for a while relating to it.
    O2 have released O2 Priority, which lists upcoming gigs for your favourite artists and lets you book tickets in advance of general sales. It's quite nicely done, surprisingly.
    As the social app was a Palm app that ran for the Summer months only, the only app that 02 has released is a beta 02 Priority app which can be accessed via a other ways than the app, although as you say the app is very nicely done and works better than the website.

    I remember reading this back in July 2009... Dave Whalen (Senior Vice President, Global Sales) - “We’re working closely with Telefonica in the foreign markets to identify the right kind of application developers to partner with to make sure we’ve got meaningful relevant apps available,”

    I think they could have done better thats all and got a few more apps out even if it was in partnership with someone, like TomTom or Navigon for a Sat Nav app or BT Vision for a TV on demand app. They couldn't even get a BBCi Player app or the Amazon MP3 store app for the palm phones very poor showing in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I still love the Pre and enjoy using it everyday far more than any other phone I have owned. This is more annoyance at the way 02 have handled the release of Palm phones in the UK than the actual phone or OS itself. I hope any future webOS phones come out on all networks.
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    I'm worried that as O2 UK are only doing the Pixi now, we won't get WebOS2.0 for the Pre as it has to be approved by O2.
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    The pre plus and pixi plus is back on o2 this moring, very odd. I wonder whats going on?
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    Confirmed on the UK site:

    But who'd want a Pre Plus ? It's Pre 2 or nothing now
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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