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  • Orange

    55 84.62%
  • White/Grey

    10 15.38%
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    The Sprint Pre (or Pre minus) is the sole sporter of the orange option button and orange numbers. Both the Palm Pre Plus and the new Palm Pre 2 have a white/grey option button and white/grey numbers.

    Which color do you prefer and why? Personally, I think the orange option button and orange numbers are much easier to see. What do you think?
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    DH has the Pre+ and I have the Pre. I like the colored buttons because it's easier for me to see them.

    They function the same though.
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    I have the pre plus. I like the white buttons because they are easier to see, but I wish the alt key and numbers/symbols were a different color. I have a hard time differentiating the &, $, *, #, etc.
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    I have a Sprint pre plus i made my self i used the orange buttons
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    I'd say the orange simple because it would be a better differentiation between the regular characters and the secondary characters on the keys.
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    I'm curious as to why Palm decided to change the color of the buttons to white. They must have a logical reason!
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    I'm a big fan of the orange. It really makes the numbers stand out.
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    White/Gray. I like the monochrome, it looks cleaner.
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    Orange for sure...I haven no reason why they would want to change it and remove the orange. It looks so much nicer, plus it serves a purpose. The white/grey all over makes the pre look like its lacking something. Makes me feel color blind looking at that keyboard after using my Pre -
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    I had an orange cat,loved him. Orange is easy to see. Makes me rethink wanting "new" pre. LONG LIVE ORANGE!
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    Orange. Everybody needs a little color in life! If the Pre isn't gonna be offered in different colors, then they need to at least add some color to it via the keys.

    Also, the orange is easier to see like others said.

    It also matches better with the little sleeping bag the Pre came with, which I use all the time.
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    orange all the way, grey is too boring
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    Well, I like the orange keys, I just don't understand why they're only on the numbers. I would extend it to the other keys.

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