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    Let's keep this poll simple. Do you Sprint Pre users really care about Sprint getting a Pre2? Is this worth a fight or are you looking forward to a real next gen device?
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    I really don't care about the Pre2, I am waiting for the next-gen SUPER device. But I don't like the way things are looking for Sprint/Palm. Sprint got skipped on the + and now the Pre2. Who knows if they are going to even get the next HP device... that is what has got me worried.

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    Been a Sprint Pre user since day 1. I've been waiting for an announcement about a new WebOS device since HP took over. To hear that it'll only be on Verizon is disappointing to say the least (I'll not go to Verizon).

    I hope HP rethinks this and makes the Pre 2 available on Spint in the very near future or has some other WebOS device that will soon be available on Sprint.
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    there is a facebook link where you can voice your demands.
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    keep in mind that the decision is sprint's, not HP...
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    I think if anything, Sprint should just replace the Pre with the Pre2 keeping pricing and everything the same. And all replacements for Pre users should be a Pre2. Now that would make me a happy, loyal customer!

    I should add, that Sprint should do this on their own not because a bunch of people are b-itching about it. I see this as the balls in their court and as a longtime Sprint customer I'll wait to see what they'll do but I'm staying silent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post

    there is a facebook link where you can voice your demands.
    Which I apparantly am too stupid to use....
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    At this point, I realy do not know if I care or not about the Pre2. I need to see 2.0 running on my Sprint Pre before making a decision. As it stands right now, I'm willing to wait to see what CES brings next year.
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    There is no word that next/any webOS device will be available on Sprint.
    No one knows when the next webOS phone after Pre2 will be out. It may not be until late 2011.
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    I'd like to have a Pre2 but I don't want to use my upgrade rebate if a better device is coming out early next year. I'm still on my first Pre that I got a month after the it debuted and I'm fine to stick with it for a bit longer.
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    what I want is the OPTION to get the Pre 2. I likely would not buy it now because I want to see what comes out at CES (please, something...). However, I despise the fact that Verizon who completely botched their launch and hate the Pre are now getting an updated device. Also, it is infuriating to have no timeline for the launch of WebOS 2.0 besides "in the coming months". Is that kind of like DataViz and Adobe "soon", or actually before end of the year? I mean, come on, this is not customer service on HPalm's part at all.
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    I want the Pre2 on Sprint because I love the original Pre's form factor + hardware keyboard. The 1GHz processor, extra RAM and better camera would address everything that I think my current Pre is lacking.

    Plus, if rumor is correct, the HP device is going to be a slab with no hardware keyboard. I really am not a fan of on-screen keyboarding.
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    In a word... no
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    I believe that Sprint is waiting for an HP branded smartphone because, unfortunately, the Palm brand name has been tainted (and/or disappeared) in the minds of general consumers.
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    If Sprint is refusing this phone becuase it barely registers as a spec bump then good for them. If they are not going to carry any webOS phone then I will be moving back to Verizon.

    If there isn't an annocement at CES of a phone for Sprint that is really an upgrade by July 2011 I will get whatever comes to Verizon.

    Sprint can't afford to play hardball with phone manufacturers. Verizon has the better Android phones and soon iPhone and WP7. ATT has iPhone and a good blackberry lineup. The only thing has is the EVO and the Droid is killing it in the sales department.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    I could care the less, I'm getting an epic!
    well,i would not leave sprint,,been there for 10 yrs and and although I love webos,if I have no choice because sprint will not carry palm phone anymore,it would be the epic for me also.
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    I'm not buying the same form factor and ruining my upgrade that I could of used since june! I'll just wait until 2.0 .. If my pre make it that long
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    I could care the less, I'm getting an epic!
    Why are you still on this site? I've noticed you keep going into Precentral threads to announce to everyone you're getting an Epic, no matter what the thread is about.

    Maybe you haven't read this:
    P.S.A. Regarding
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    well, i'd sure like the option to get it.

    i'm really holding out for HP superphone. hopefully they announce it by CES, and it's out by February. if not, i'll be using my upgrade for an evo, or whatever newer more kick **** device is available when i get sick of waiting. i'd like it if they'd just give us a date for the super device. cos if it's not until like next fall, i'll just go grab my evo tonight, and then the new device next october.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    just my opinion, but my sprint pre, overclocked and patched barely runs 1.4.5 and is a laggy mess when not overclocked. Tell me 2.0 isn't going to put more drain on it! Battery life is already horrid, tell me the battery life life is going to get worse with 2.0.

    hello epic!!
    Sounds more like you don't know how to patch and overclock a phone.
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