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    I really don't like to ask questions around here but this time it has get out of hand, so im going to have to. The thing is that the cp command to put the metadoctor in a file on the host (as shown in webos internals metadoctor application) is not working for me for some reason, im runing UBUNTU 10.04 LTS and WIN VISTA home ed sp 2. The other solution would be to run the .jar in ubuntu but it says that is not mark as executable and i can't find a way to make it run ..... any ideas??
    using ubuntu, right click on the jar and go to properties. Then check the box to make executable.
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    how would this be done with a pre2 and a sprint pixi?
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    how would this be done with a pre2 and a sprint pixi?
    You cannot, the comms boards are physically and electrically incompatible.

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