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    I was listening to music... all of a sudden the music stopped. I looked at the phone and it was rebooting. So far this is pretty normal for the Pre. I go back to my music app and there is no music. Then I notice all of my pics and vids are gone. Now when I plug into my Mac as USB everything is gone. Any idea what could of happened?

    Also: now when i press the button to awaken the Pre I no longer have to unlock it by swiping up the "unlock ball" (for lack of a better term). Any idea how this happened? I don't think I installed any type of patch that would be related to that. The latest patch i installed was "fixed keyboard brightness"

    Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
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    Guess I should specify: the phone rebooting abnormally probably caused the file system to corrupt. Probably nothing to do to fix that one.

    The no unlock button is a glitch that happens every now and then. Reboot and all should be well.
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    Adding on to NachoB, Rwhitby has said that a kernel crash can cause data corruption.

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