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    Hi folks

    I'm very tempted to get a Palm Pre or Pixie

    As O2 in the UK are selling these phones dirt cheap at the moment!

    My question really is it a good idea to buy now?

    I do alot of typing so which would have the better keyboard and is the performance of the pixie that much worst than the pre plus?

    also when i was in the store the assistance was saying that the pre plus was recalled! - is there some major issue with the pre pluses at the moment?

    I notice expansys seem to still be selling the pre pluses so i could get it from there but not sure - waiting for feedback here before i bite
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    I'd go for it. I have my Pre for a year plus and can't imagine using another phone.
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    If you can hold out, I would. There are going to be a lot of new Palm phones coming down the pike and you don't want to kick yourself for having the oldest model available.
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    Hi Tiger333, and Welcome the the P|C forums!

    I have a Pre and love the device. Some people think that the Pixi has a keyboard that is easier to type on, but that is a personal preference. The Pre is a bit more powerful with a larger/brighter screen and more apps than the Pixi, but it really depends upon what you need and like.

    The Pre Plus was NOT recalled at all. There is a new device that is on the way and many carriers are simply getting ready for that to hit the stores by pulling the old stock. Whoever told you it was due to a recall either isn't very knowledgeable, or was simply trying to push you on to a different device.

    The carrier SFR in France recently leaked info on the new Palm device coming to Europe. You can Check out a couple of articles about this on our front page:
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    Thanks for the info

    i was getting worried as i've always liked the palm pre

    (had a desire - fantastic phone dont get me wrong but the call quality not the best.. - to be honest only got rid of it due to the high value of the device)

    my contract is up for renewal end of the month (november) so getting a desire HD but need something in the meantime

    this is why i'm looking at palm again but so shocked that they didnt have any in store and when the lady told me it was recalled i started checked and alot of people seem to be having problems? or at least thats how it seems...

    For the price u cant go wrong at all (I assume its easy to unlock the Palms now right)?

    the other strange thing is that all the stores online do not seem to be selling the pre plus?? but they are selling the original pre? (expansys for example)

    is the only diff the memory? with the plus models
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    Yes, the main differences between the Pre and Pre Plus is that the Plus version has more memory and a different lighted notification area on the front of the device.
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    Yes O2 is pulling the Pre Plus from the shelves as is SFR in France but speculation is that both carriers are making preparation for the launch of the Pre2 in the next couple months.

    If you can get a Pre Plus from O2 at a good price now would be the time to make your move.

    Oh! And Welcome to the Pre|Central Forums and webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger333 View Post
    Thanks for the info

    For the price u cant go wrong at all (I assume its easy to unlock the Palms now right)?

    Welcome to P|C -- whether you jump in now or get the Pre2 -- I think you will agree with us that WebOS is amazing. One of the things that makes it so good is that, outside of Carrier Unlocking (approx. 25 with NextGen Unlock - fairly easy to do), it's virtually open to do what you want when you want (thanks to the Homebrew/Patching community).
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    if you wait for the new phones, they wont be cheap for a while. if the current motivator is price, grab it now and by the time you ready for an upgrade the next generation will aslso be cheap. if your motivation is to be state-of-the-art, there will be newer models coming in next few quarters.

    But, you never know when those models will come to your carrier, so you might rather have a pre or pixi now to enjoy while you wait...
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    trying for the pre plus but cant find it anywhere now - not in my local o2 store any more but they still have the silly thing on the stand...

    (is it possible to buy the ones on the stands??)

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