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    i recently dropped my it does not turn on at all. when i plug it in....there is a question mark on it. is there any way i can retreive my phone numbers and/or pictures on it. i went to Sprint...they could not help me. i remember that i may have had an online storage with Pre Central. i cannot find it. Please help
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    I recently found out that you get the question mark when your phone is plugged in and there is no battery in the phone. Check to see if your battery is hitting all the contact points. Have you tried plugging the phone in and typing ORANGE/SILVER+Sym+U to put the phone in USB mode? At least then you could get your photos and stuff. Your contact information should be synced with your Palm profile or with whatever service you set as your default (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.).
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    the phone still does not turn on. i will check to see where i set up my default with palm pre. thanks

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