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    Lately, I have been taking a lot of videos with my Pre-Plus because it is so handy. And in many cases the results are quite handy but there are a number of issues:

    1. If I shoot in portrait mode, there is no easy way to rotate the video so that it appears in landscape if I upload it on line. See: The video app lets you trim the vid in the camera, but a rotation app would be great

    2. Also, sound frequently gets out of sync with the video. This is especially so when I use third party software to rotate the videos, but also happens in native formate. See the other videos at: Index of /misc/MattMinyan

    It is especially troublesome with music. The videos at ImPoster - I am feeling impish, and Pre.Posterous was taken, so I have become the ImPoster demonstrate this. [Note: I had to rotate these with third party software.]

    "Et Dodim" Text from Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) - ImPoster

    "Auf Wiedersehn" from "The Comedan Harmonists" - ImPoster

    "I Hold Your Hand in Mine" - ImPoster

    "How Deep is the Ocean" - ImPoster

    "Ana Dodi" from Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) - ImPoster

    This one is not rotated. It is in closer sync but not good enough:
    Los Biblicos - ImPoster

    All of these files are huge for the size of the clips.

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    Doesn't the Pre+ also say rotate to landscape (like the Sprint Pre) before recording? I know that the Sprint one says you need to rotate to landscape before video recording. Not sure if you can video in portrait on it. I always follow the directions when i do my videos.

    I can video in portrait to. Wow I just assumed that it needed to be turned. Yes I am an airhed at times.
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    Yes, It does say rotate to landscape before recording, but I never noticed that before one time last week. I was concentrating on the image not some font too tiny for these old eyes. But it doesn't stop you from taking excellent portrait vids. (BY the way the samples I posted are not the best examples, they just happen to be ones on my server.)

    Since the Pre doesn't zoom, leaving the phone vertical (portrait) is necessary if you are taking shots of individuals. A little zoom would be nice for this camera too, but I can't have everything.

    Facebook does have a tool that allows me to rotate videos, I think. But it doesn't always work. And if I want to post them elsewhere, I need to rotate them first.
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    well I learn something new (if nor 2 or 3 or 4 things new) on this phone everyday.
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    The best option is to take all videos in the landscape mode but If you need to rotate them you may need to invest in some better video editing software that will allow you to Split the Audio from the Video, do the rotation and Join the Audio back to the Video. Some high end Video editing software actually do this internally and re-write the video to keep the audio in sync. These are slower but will give you better results.
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    There's a free program for PCs that I used to use with my Treo that was excellent, it has a flip and rotate for videos, do a search for DVD Video Soft.

    Never mind, I'll find it: Download free DVD, iPod, YouTube video converter and editor software and freeware
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