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    I hope that someday some clever chap out there in the palm world will finally create a download or app or update for the palm pre and palm pixi that will make the tiny little hard to read font much better for my blind eyes to see. LOL
    It needs to be bolder and much bigger and better than it is now. Does anyone agree with me ?
    I wear glasses , maybe I just need stronger glasses or something. LOL
    My friend has a blackberry storm and her phone has all kinds of different fonts and font options and fonts sizes . How I only wish the palm had font options and many different tools and settings to choose from like other cool phones out there. But the palm only has a few preferences which I don't prefer.
    P.S. Are there any clever developers or designers or creators or inventors out there in the cell phone world who could help palm out with a much better font for texting and reading the words on the palm screen ? Anyone ? Anyone at all ?
    Please someone come forward and help palm out with their bad font issue .


    I just want an update or download or an app like the app for the droid called handcent sms for my palm pre that has better , bigger and bolder and many to choose from - FONT OPTIONS , COLORS / DISPLAY SETTINGS , AND TOOLS. One that will keep it the way I like it and stay that way unless I choose to change it. I don't want to have to do key tricks every time on my phone to change the font to be bigger and bolder font or hold down keys to get it to do stupid tricks , that is a waste of my busy and hectic life . I don't have time for that kind of crap! I want something that stays put when I set it to my preference. Why can't the palm pre just be like other cell phones that have font options / colors and display settings and tools ?
    Why does it have to be one of the most expensive phones on the market but yet be without what we value , want and need the most out of a cell phone. Why does it have to be so difficult and not simple like it use to be in the good old days.
    All my friends make fun and laugh at my palm pre because it has such a big screen but yet has this tiny and hard to read font that has no font settings or options . They show off their Blackberries and Nokia's and LG's and other phones that have all kinds of .... font / display / color settings / options and tools and yet they have small screens on their phones . They also make fun of my tiny keys and tiny keyboard on my palm pre. They keep asking me when I am going to trade in my dumb phone for a smart phone like theirs.
    And to be honest that day is almost here where I will sell or trade in my palm pre for a less expensive but better cell phone like my friends have .... One with so many more options / settings / tools to choose from on a cell phone.
    Unless someone so brilliant comes along and creates a free download/ update or app that will make my palm pre so much better and easy to read . That person would be my PALM PRE HERO and that would keep my PALM PRE and I Together Forever....... I know there is a HERO out there in the Palm Pre FONT/DISPLAY World Somewhere ....... Does anyone know where I can find him ????
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    there is already a patch for that
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    The posts don't magically disappear unless you read them. No need to post the exact same message 5 times in 2 hours.

    I know how to find it on my PC, my phone on the other hand, a different story. Not a huge deal. Funny regarding OP.... I wear glasses too, can't legally drive without them, and I've patched my text smaller than the phone comes with, and can read it fine.
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    Help or move along folks....

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    To the OP:
    Have you looked into Preware and all the customization options that brings to the table?
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    There are 18 different “Font” patches available for modifying the fonts on the Palm Pre.
    Since you are looking for an App to modify the font, you probably don’t use Preware. WebOS is an open source operating system that uses patches to modify the behavior of the user environment. I would recommend that you load Preware:
    Then do a search on “Font” in Preware.

    Oh! And Welcome to the Pre|Central Forums and webOS. I think once you tweak you phone to your liking you will really enjoy the experience.
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    Can you please send me the direct download install link please . Thank you so much .
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    I'm so sorry about that GIANT font . HA HA . As you can tell I am blind as a bat . But that was a accident really . LOL

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