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    ...the difference is night and day! absolutely amazing especially with UK overclocking this bad boy to 1Ghz.

    Anyway, I just got this pre on ebay for $51 (including shipping) and im 1,000% satisfied with my purchase except for the fact that the speaker is blown. does anyone know if the phone would still be replaced if i took it to a sprint store? after entering ##786# i see that the actdate is 2/27/2010 and warrantydatecode is 11/25/2009 so my guess is that it is still within 1 year of the warranty? does anyone have any info on this? because I think it'd be amazing if i can get a new refurb'd pre to replace this one. any ideas? thanks in advance!
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    Warranty. No worries.
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    As has been said to others in your position... your best bet is to call your local Sprint store and ask. If one says 'no'... then call another. Not all of them are as lenient as others. It should be under warranty, but some say it is only covered for the original purchaser - that's why I would call around. Good luck!
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    sweeeet thanks guys! i may run into problems though because they recently replaced my pixi bc the touchscreen just stopped working and in the meantime of waiting for the replacement i just decided to buy a cheap pre on ebay...hopefully my sprint store wont catch on and if they do, ill just go to another one! lol thanks again
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    I wouldn't 'ask' because they like to say 'no' a lot. Take it in and sat 'fix it'.

    they have no idea where you got the phone, and it has a 1 year warranty that the carrier has to honor. End of story.
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    Just take it in to a corporate store with a repair center. I have taken many phones in and have never been asked where I got it from or to show a receipt.

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