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    What is the best way to customize your Pre lately?

    I've been out of the loop for a long time, but back in day PreWare was were it was at.

    Has much changed?

    I have a new friend with a stock/default Pre, and I told her that it is capable of SO much more...

    But... I'm kinda dusty!

    Any help would be great!

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    Preware is still where it's at!
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    preware is still where it's at.

    first thing to do with preware is install uberkernel and govna so you can overclock to 1ghz!
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    Nice, is it stable? 800Mhz was the stable way back when I used it. What a world of difference it made!

    Any EASY way yet to get Preware OTA without the USB, etc...?
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    the unstable version is SR71 and that clocks your pre to 1.2ghz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garage91 View Post
    the unstable version is SR71 and that clocks your pre to 1.2ghz.

    no so unstable for me!!
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    and no, you still need to USB and use WebOS QI to get Prware or the stand alone installer.
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    A developer named Sconix has put out a couple huge patches lately that let you configure many various functions from only a few patches. Before you go too patch-crazy you might look into advanced configuration of system preferences and Advanced Configuration for App Launcher. You will also probably see Mode Switcher talked about a lot too. Check out the wiki's if they seem like your style.
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    You might consider the Super Patch if you really want to quickly upgrade your phone.
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