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    I'm running an 800/250 screen state profile with my mv values set 50mv higher (that's 4 clicks at 12.5mv per click) than the fellow who developed the app and posted his settings. i found i was still getting occasional shut-downs with 37.5 mv higher settings.

    My batter run time is definitely better off at 800/250 than 800/500. with my battery at 75% live i'm able to get 24 hours of battery from it with light usage.

    I've found my govnah settings are inconsistent when i restart my phone. I've found it at 1ghz constant and also at 500, so when i restart i generally go back and re-set my settings, but i've saved two profiles so it's really easy... i've got an UV 800/250 and an UV 250 power save so if i know i'm not going to be charging for a long time and need it to last i can get by on 250 for the whole time. It's clumsy to use, but batteries last much better in a pinch if it's always at 250.

    What and where is "race to idle?"
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    These are my stable settings:

    1G = 1350
    800 = 1250
    720 = 1175
    600 = 1100
    500 = 1025
    250 = 950
    125 = 912.5

    I run Screenstate 250/1G. I use ModeSwitcher to keep the screen on for apps that have long processes (loading, downloading, saving, etc). This allows me to use the 250 setting fairly effectively.

    I did have slightly lower voltages for each, but had occasional freezes so I bumped them all up. My rule of thumb is something is better than nothing. These may not be the abs lowest tweaks possible for my phone, but they are lower than "stock" voltages so that is good enough for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ewal View Post
    What and where is "race to idle?"
    Google Race to Idle... I can't post URL's yet.

    Essentially the concept is that if you are able to complete the work quickly and then the processor can go back to sleep - you are generally better off than if you run the processor slower and the work takes longer. In one Intel example given the 1/2 speed processing takes 24 watts while the full speed takes only 34 watts. Since the fractional speed will take longer to complete the task this is only useful if the task somehow needs to run for a set speed without respect to the processor speed. Other tasks will complete and allow the processor to go back to idle more quickly - saving power.

    It's unclear however how long the processor needs to be unused before it idles - and unclear how tasks like phone calls affect this.
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    Running 500 @ 925v and 1000 @ 1300v. No issues and battery life lasts 3 days without needing to charge and even after daily use of being a high-end user.
    Palm Pre Plus+ High-end User / UberKernel 1.4.5-119 (1Ghz Processor) overclocked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanji Dad View Post
    Running 500 @ 925v and 1000 @ 1300v. No issues and battery life lasts 3 days without needing to charge and even after daily use of being a high-end user.
    3 days?! Are you on a stock battery? Or do you have data turned off? Cuz if not your crazy lucky for get 3 days with high use.
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    I've seen many of you talk about what happens with low voltage settings and the worst so far being that their could be loss of data and reboots.

    My question is the opposite. What happens if you get the voltage too high?

    I am running F105 at 1GHZ and 1475V. It seems that after the last couple of updates (now at -125), I have to set it to 1475V to avoid some random restarts. These only seemed to happen if I started flicking pages quickly. What happened is it would hang in between pages for about a second then restart. I raised the voltage from 1437.5 to 1475 and this seemed to make it stop. The pages flick really fast now and quite consistently. I know this causes more battery drain, but I'm not sure how high is too high and what might happen if it ever got too high and what symptoms I could look for that would tell me if I were getting too close for comfort.
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